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Astra Chemical Shop is an online pharmaceutical shop that is based in the united states, Buy chemicals online Our aim is to enhance the drug development process by providing a service that delivers products at a cost effective price and to required timescales.

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Our goal is to help our customers succeed in design, development, synthesis and scale-up of the best lead molecules worldwide. This goal is seen and maintained from the executive team to our team of scientists to the administrative and support teams.

Through the introduction of new products, combined with consistent growth of our product portfolio Astra Chemical Shop is placed at the forefront of new product development. Small scale, Semi-bulk and Bulk quantities are available across the product range, all fully backed up by our very high standard of service throughout the quality, supply and delivery sectors.

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    Astra Chemicals maintains at least, if not greater than, 95% purity with an enantiomeric ratio average of 99%, so you do not have to trade quality for convenience. We are well world known for our quality and fast service provider as well as delivery of your order at any authorized and non authorized locations.


    We maintain significant stock of our most popular compounds, so we can deliver what you need, when you need it. Diversity. Astra Chemicals offers your best products that you need , and many other sub related leading chemicals products.

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    At Astra Chemical shop we fully appreciate that our customers may prefer to receive their order packages in a preferred delivery method this is as a result of security and data storage.
    If you would like to receive products delivered in alternative pack size, please contact a member of our sales team for a detailed quotation and delivery details. Every effort will be made for delivery service to be maintained through the special custom service


    Our products are available from gram quantities. Custom pack sizes can be tailored to your needs. Please check products for stock availability.
    Our orders are delivered within 1-3 days dependong on the destination.We aim to introduce more faster and quicker means to deliver orders this is to development more trade opportunities. Please browse our latest products, we will be happy to discuss your future requirements.

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